Namibia African Adventure - Aug 1- 23, 2019 - Tour

I have been invited to co-lead a tour to Namibia in southwest Africa with a friend and fellow photographer Betty Sederquist. Betty is a great photographer and a wonderful teacher and tour leader with years of experience. She has worked very diligently on putting this tour together in conjunction with Strobo Tours, a very reputable tour organizer.

Located in southwest Africa, Namibia offers dramatic photo opportunities: the tallest sand dunes in the world (many over 600 feet tall), eerie skeleton (camel thorn) trees, startling Southern Hemisphere night skies, abandoned mining towns with sand dunes inside the buildings, African wildlife, friendly local villagers (two Himba tribe villages) and of course much more. This is truly the adventure of a lifetime. This is the best of Africa, without the crowds found in Tanzania and other popular destinations. The trip is limited to 10 people, and we’ll be using two big stretch four-wheel drive safari vehicles with sun covers to get around the country. All skill levels of photography are welcome and even non-photographers will enjoy the journey. (Non-photographers may enjoy the opportunity to sleep late while we photographers chase the sunrise light.)

Most safari operators rush from place to place. Betty & Lewis take time to assist you in developing your vision in the various places you will be visiting.
• Photograph sunrise at Deadvlei, an ancient seabed nestled between 300 ft. high red sand dunes dotted with eerie, dead camelthorn trees.
• Intensive game viewing at Etosha National Park. Accommodations provide animal photography at floodlit waterhole.
• Time to absorb and photograph the wonder of it all. From the safari wildlife, enormous red sand dunes of Sossusvlei, and the ‘sand houses’ of Kolmanskop.
• Compelling morning and afternoon photo shoot at two different authentic Himba Tribe villages. Learn from your guide how the Himba strive to keep their ancient culture alive and remain unaffected by the outside world.

To learn more go to the tour page on Betty's website.


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