Lewis Kemper’s Master Class Take your Photography to the Max! July 21 – Dec 8, 2019 Online Class - SOLD OUT - NEXT SESSION STARTS JANUARY 2020

Lewis Kemper’s Master Class

Take your Photography to the Max!

10 Lessons - Five-Month Class

Limited to 15 students

July 21 – Dec 8, 2019

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Photography is not rocket science. There are no magic formulas for taking great images. All it takes is careful seeing, and a conscience effort to take advantage of light, color and composition to make a great picture. Once that picture is created, a good, strong working knowledge of how best to process the image to bring out all its potential is essential, and is what elevates a good picture, to a great picture.

I have been teaching photography and writing articles and books for over 45 years. I have taught online classes for many years, both at Betterphoto.com and the Arcanum. I am combining the techniques I have learned through all of my experiences to make this the best learning opportunity possible. We all have busy lives, nobody can take weeks off to study. But with this class you get ten lessons to complete in a five-month period.

Unlike other classes, in this class, there will be video lessons, assignments, live one-to-one reviews, group hang outs, unlimited Q&A, group review and group interaction.  Not only will you have access to Lewis Kemper, but also, all the students will be able to see all the reviews and interact with each other, coaching, questioning and learning together as an enhanced group experience.

Lessons will be given out every two weeks and you have two weeks to watch the lessons and do the assignments, upload your images, get advice from fellow students and then finally present your work for a live screen share lesson review with the instructor. Reviews will average 15 - 30 minutes. That is up to 4.5 hours of indvidual review time per student!  All reviews will be recorded and shared with the group, so you can see what took place with your fellow students and learn together.  We will also schedule time to try (it is not always possible for everyone to attend) to have 3 group screen share meetings, where you can ask questions, meet each other and share ideas.

And the best part of the whole thing is we can be flexible; if you can’t get one lesson done in time, just make it up later as long as you complete all ten lessons in the five month period.

We will be using a Facebook social learning group for the platform (all reviews and group meetings will be private and only accessible to group members). You will need to have a Facebook account, to participate.

It is like taking a whole college semester at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you!

The goal, of this five-month course, is to learn to recognize and use light, color, and composition as elements of your designs. And then learning the skills to accentuate the star of your image, and compel and guide, your viewers eye throughout your image.

Ansel Adams used to say, “The negative is my score and the print is my performance.”

We are going to learn to properly use the tools of light, color and composition to create the perfect score and then use the tools of Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom Develop module to create the perfect performance.


Class Outline

Introductions - Everyone will post a picture of themselves with a short bio/introduction as well as 5 images that show the type of photographs you take.

Lesson 1 – Light – in this lesson we are going to concentrate on the most important element in any image, light.

Assignment: Make 6-8 images utilizing the different types of light outlined in the lesson, to create compelling images.

Week 2 Schedule a group chat to meet each other.

Lesson 2 - Color - Use color just as you can use lines, shape and form enhance your compositions.

Assignment - Make 2 images, for each of the 6 different types of color relationships from the lesson, for a total of 12 images.

Lesson 3 – Composition - Master composition fundamentals of composition.

Assignment:  Make 6-8 images utilizing the different compositional rules from the assignment.

Lesson 4 – Depth of field – Learn when to use extreme depth of field and when to use selective focus.

*Focus stacking software is needed. This can be done in Adobe Photoshop or better yet with 3rd party software, either Zerene Stacker or Helicon Focus.

Assignment: Create 3-4 extreme depth of field images and 3-4 selective focus images using the techniques learned in the lesson.

Lesson 5 – Getting the most from Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom Develop Module

*To create your own custom profile X-rite Color Checker Passport or Datacolor SpyderCHECKR (this will be demonstrated in the lesson and you can decide if it is something you want to purchase)

Assignment: Process 5 images using techniques learned in the lesson.  Be sure to make a jpg of the before image and one of the after image as well as a screen shot of your sliders in the basic tab.

Schedule a group chat to answer questions and monitor progress.

Lesson 6 – Local Adjustment Tools in Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw

Assignment:  Process 6- 8 images using the local adjustment tools to take a good picture and make it a great picture!

Lesson 7- Time/ Motion -  Using techniques such as Long Exposures, and time lapse you can go beyond the static still image.

*Strong Neutral Density Filters are needed for taking long exposures during the day. Software is needed for creating Time-lapse sequences. Lewis makes recommendations during the lesson and you can decide if you want to purchase.

Assignment: Share the results of your images made based on the lesson with all the students. The narrow your choice to 3-4 long exposure images or 1-2 time lapse sequences to demonstrate techniques from the lesson that you submit for review.

Lesson 8 – HDR – Even with today’s great digital sensors, there are lighting conditions that are too extreme to capture in one exposure. Lewis will teach you all you need to know to create natural looking HDR images.

*Two of the methods show the included tools in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  The third method shows using the Merge to 32 bit plug-in for Lightroom. Lewis demonstrates this in the lesson and you can decide if you want to purchase.

Assignment: Create 4-5 HDR images.

Schedule a group chat to discuss final project.

Lesson 9 – Working on a portfolio – Editing your photos and deciding which images are the most dynamic is one of the most difficult photographic tasks. Building a coherent body of work to share as a portfolio can be daunting. The students will work together, with assistance from the instructor, helping each other with the editing process to build the best portfolio/s they can.

Assignment: Upload up to 20 images you are considering for your final portfolio/s. Get feedback from other students about editing your submission down to the 10 best. Help other students with their submissions.

Lesson 10 - Final submission – Submit your final portfolio for a creative and instructional review to help you mesh all the instruction you have received into a comprehensive package.


*Denotes lessons that may require purchases



"I've always had an interest in wildlife and travel photography, but I had never taken a formal photography class other than a few short courses on specific topics.  The Master Class met and exceeded my expectations for making me a better photographer and for providing an understanding of the powerful Lightroom program.  Lewis is an experienced teacher, and his videos and personal critiques are very helpful.  Lewis and the course have my unequivocal recommendation." 

Steve F  1/2019 participant

"Learning from Lewis will take your Photography to the MAX!  From light, to color, to composition, through basic and advanced post processing techniques, Lewis explains, through his videos, all concepts in a clear and practical manner using many examples to reinforce the lesson.  His lessons are stimulating and challenging in teaching me many new techniques and always extremely responsive in answering questions.  I very much look forward to future courses taught by Lewis."   

Keith A. 1/2019 participant

"Master Class was beneficial in clarifying basics to advance photography for many levels.
The curriculum was clear and the ability to receive assistance privately from Lewis and other participants was valuable."

Miki T 1/2019 participant

"Over the years I've taken many workshops but they usually last a day, a weekend or a few days with not a lot of time to practice new skills or get much feedback. In this Master Class, Lewis provides a well prepared video lesson that can be viewed over and over.  With each lesson he provides several inspiring examples.  Then students have two weeks to practice and share work in progress.  At the end of two weeks Lewis does a one-on-one critique with each participant.  Then there is another lesson to work on!  It's so valuable to be in a class with other students and see how they approach the lessons.  This class has changed the way I see, shoot and process my photos.  I love that I don't have to travel anywhere and I can do the lessons at my own pace.  I have learned so much and I highly recommend this class."

Maryellen B 1/2019 participant

"Master Class has taken me to the next level with my photography. I have been “living” my passion for photography for 5 years now, and, I am constantly striving to improve on my work. The Master Class has helped in bringing me to the next level- better understanding the basics, discovering ways to improve composition, lighting and processing and creating better photographs!! I would highly recommend this class to those who may have never had any formal training or, for someone like myself, who is looking to improve the skillsets that I currently have."

Brian F 1/2019 participant


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