The Great Migration: Kenya Wildlife Photo Safari 2022


The Great Migration: Kenya Wildlife Photo Safari 2022

(optional Tanzania Extension)

Aug 13- 28, 2022

2 spots left


I am so excited to announce this trip to you!  I have waited a long time to put together an Africa trip and have always put it off for a variety of reasons. I always wanted my trip to be perfect and I finally hooked up with the correct people to make it happen. An old high school friend, Pam,  is a travel specialist, and she will be joining us as tour manager to make sure everything runs smoothly, and to assist you with all your travel needs. Pam told me about a tour operator in Africa that was not only a great operator, but a great photographer and an owner of some safari camps. His name is Alankar Chandra. Through the advancements of screen sharing we held several meetings together and have come up with a great trip.

My concerns were always getting guides that would get us out under good light, having vehicles with a low number of photographers, and of course having great guides. And I wanted to witness the “Great Migration.” Alankar assured me of all my concerns. Not only is the trip set up for 3-4 people in each vehicle (4 when accompanied by me and/or Alankar), but his company has removed the middle seats, on the “Semi Open” vehicles vehicle 2 (1).jpg

and places “mattresses” down, so that you can take turns laying down and photograph the animals from eye level! That gives you opportunities for great images. Bean bags and gimbals are provided.  Alankar himself will also be joining us for one day in Masai Mara to give us photographic guidance from his years of experience in Africa. And of course, I will be rotating through the vehicles daily to give you all my advice and guidance as well.

Another big challenge is weight limits. In country flights have 15 KG (30lbs) weight limits including your camera gear. We have arranged to have all our luggage transported between locations by ground vehicles, so all you need to carry on the plane is your camera gear and essential items.

The trip is based in Kenya, so that we have the greatest opportunities for seeing the “Big Five”, the most popular and sought after, animals in Africa, the lion, the leopard, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo and rhinoceros.  In fact, when Pam was speaking to Alankar yesterday, he told her of two rhinos “hanging out” by his front gate that day. The trip puts us in three of the best wildlife viewing parks in Kenya; Amboseli, Samburu and Masai Mara. We have 3 nights in Amboseli and Samburu and a full 7 nights in the Mara. The Great Migration is one of the most spectacular wildlife viewing experiences on earth. Every year close to two million animals, including, wildebeest, zebras and gazelles migrate through the Mara. We have 14 game drives in the Mara in the itinerary, making sure we have the best opportunities to witness this wildlife extravaganza. All the details are in the following pages.

Who is this trip for? This trip is for the serious photographer that wants to come away with “one in a lifetime” images of the greatest wildlife experience left on our planet. If you are interested in just “bagging” species and moving on, this in not your trip.  If you want toDSC_4394.jpg wait, anticipate, and concentrate on getting great wildlife images, this is your trip. Many mornings we will go out in the field to take advantage of early light, having breakfast “in the bush”, so that we get the best images. There will be times we wait patiently for the action to happen based on the local knowledge of our guides. Having the best wildlife experience, and getting great pictures are our goals.

Fee: $12,995 check or Zelle transfer, $13,385 credit card, includes 16 days, 15 nights, based on double occupancy. Single supplement available for additional $2650. Any single participant signing up will be placed with another single of the same sex if possible. If arrangements don’t work out you will be contacted and have the option of cancelling or paying the single supplement. Included in the trip: all meals mentioned in brochure, all in country travel, tips to drivers, guides and hotel staff; photographic guidance from Lewis Kemper the whole trip, and one day of photo guidance from Alankar Chandra.

A deposit is required ASAP to hold your space - all info regarding fees are outlined in the info packet.

A USD $3,000.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your place on this safari ASAP (since we have such a long lead time on this trip, I will offer a refund of your deposit if I can find someone to replace you by the time the second payment is due). Please send a check to Lewis Kemper 800 Saverien Dr Sacramento, CA 95864, or or transfer using Zelle to If you want to leave a  deposit  by credit card use the link below.


Download the full info packet with lodging and full itinerary here. - Information will be updated early 2022 based on any COVID issues

Tanzania Extension Aug 28 - Sept 3: I also decided, since it takes so long to get there, to add a Tanzania extension to the trip to include Serengeti National Park,  Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park. The extension is totally optional, but if you are interested let me know ASAP, so we make sure we can accommodate all those that want to add it on. The trip includes transportation from Kenya to Tanzania, 3 nights and 4 game drives in Serengeti, meals included, transfer to Ngorongoro for 2 nights, and 2 game drives, meals included, drive to Tarangire National Park for one night and two game drives, meals included, and the drive to Arusha and flight back to Nairobi.

Fee: $5775 based on double occupancy, check or Zelle transfer, $5948 credit card. Single supplement $550. The trip includes all of the above plus all tips to guides, drivers, etc.

Information on lodging and logistics are included in the info packet above.

Click here to place your deposit for the Kenya trip (as noted above the trip costs more if you use credit card)

Click here to place your deposit for the Tanzania Extension (as noted above the trip costs more if you use credit card)



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