Getting the most out of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop - 4 week class May 2 - 30, 2021

Getting the most out of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop - 4 week class

May 2 - 30, 2021


This 4-week class is designed to give you a great working knowledge of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

The 4 lessons cover everything you need to know to process your images like a pro. From the importance of profiles and how to create your own custom camera profile and preset, to every slider and tool found in the Adobe Camera Raw, you will have full knowledge to master the craft of post processing.

See the outline below.

This class will give the beginner everything they need to know to get started processing in ACR and the advanced user how to get the most out of ACR and become a master at post processing. Every Sunday you will receive a link to video lessons, which will available to you even after the class ends. The lessons will range from 1 -2 hours depending on the subject. There will be a short assignment that will show me you understand the lesson. Then you will book a ½ hour session with me to go over your assignment and ask any questions.

Lesson 1 – Interface, Profiles, and Presets

                        An overview of the interface and Panels

                        The importance of profiles

                        Creating a custom profile

                        Creating an Import Preset

Lesson 2 –In Depth Look at all the Panels and their uses


                        Tone Curve


                        Split Toning


                        Lens Corrections




Lesson 3 – Local Adjustment Tools – how to get the most out of your images

                        Adjustment Brush

                        Graduated Filter

                        Radial Filter

 Lesson 4 – Real world Processing

                        Processing examples

                        Before and After

Fee: $250 for 4 weeks of video lessons and 4 review sessions. Click here to sign up. Limited to 10 students


LEWIS KEMPER is widely recognized as a photographer, writer, and instructor, lecturing throughout the United States. To learn more, click here.



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