Expanding your Creativity with Time/Motion Techniques - Palm Beach Photographic Centre 10/29 - 10 /31

Expanding your Creativity with Time/Motion Techniques

Oct 29- 31 2018

Members $695 Non-Members $745

Are you looking for ideas of how to make your photography more creative? Are you tired of all your images looking alike? Getting creative with Time/Motion techniques is sure to help. Make your image unique and memorable by expanding the way you photograph. Some of the time/motion techniques we will explore include: working with strong neutral density filters to allow us to take multiple minute exposures in broad daylight, we will work with blending modes to take multiple images to create motion, or take multiple images to create time lapse videos. We will mix classroom sessions with field sessions, allowing you to try all the shooting techniques, and then bring them into the digital classroom to create stunning images. After this workshop you will have a whole new toolset, allowing you to create dynamic photographs.


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LEWIS KEMPER is widely recognized as a photographer, writer, and instructor, lecturing throughout the United States. To learn more, click here.



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