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As a photographer, writer, teacher, fine art printer, and digital consultant, Lewis Kemper has been helping others improve their photography for over four decades. Besides writing extensively for PC Photo and Outdoor Photographer, I have taught for many organizations including Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Santa Fe Workshops, Light Photographic Workshops, Aspen Workshops and Betterphoto.com

In the beginning I had two teachers that greatly influenced my photography.  They were my high school photography teacher, Jerry Sklar, and my college professor Jerry Lake. In high school we spent half the year with photography and half the year with astronomy (of which I later learned were Jerry Sklar’s passions). I went on to be a photographer and I am so excited about the 2017 total eclipse, it will be my third. The second Jerry, Jerry Lake, was my college professor for the last two years of my college career and taught me so much about photography. I learned about exposure and color from him and I will be forever grateful. I stayed in touch with Jerry Sklar until he passed away a few years ago and I am still in contact with Jerry Lake. These teachers showed me how to pass your love and passion for a subject on to your students. 

The next photographer that influenced me as a photographer and teacher was Ansel Adams.  I had the pleasure of working at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park while Ansel was still alive and observed him leading his workshops in the park.  I admired how a man of such prominent stature always made his students feel that they were the most important people in the room. And the last great influence on my as a mentor and teacher was the great landscape photographer Phillip Hyde. He taught me to listen to the students and have them explain their reasoning behind making an image.

I have blended their styles, and have been able to pass on and share my love and passion for photography, to help other express their love of creating images and exploring the world around them.

During my lectures my goal is to inform and entertain you, teaching you photographic techniques and inspiring you with dynamic images. I have presented at over a hundred camera clubs, colleges and photographic events and have never left an audience disappointed!

The goal of my workshops is to help each individual photographer in the areas they feel they need the most help.  Whether it be with camera functions, understanding exposure, creative seeing and composition; experimenting with new techniques, to post processing, I will tailor my instruction to fit your needs. Every individual will receive the attention they desire.

On tour, I will be there to assist you in the field, to make sure we are in the best location at the best time, and to make sure you come home with the best images possible from our journey. Some tours have more “down time” than others and we will use that time for tips, lessons and critiques when possible.

Join me for a lecture, workshop or tour and allow me the privilege of helping you to express your photographic goals better.

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