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PhotomatixPro and Merge to 32 bit Plug In -  PhotomatixPro is an excellent software for creating HDR images and I create all my HDR images using the Merge to 32 bit Plug In within Lightroom or if you don't have Lightroom and here is the stand alone version of Photomatix Pro (which also includes the plug in). You can save 15% using the coupon code LewisKemper

Here are a few images using the Merge to 32 bit Plug In:




Topaz Labs software - Topaz creates many types of great software.  I love Topaz Adjust, InFocus, and DeNoise just to mention a few. Use this link to save 15%!

Here are some examples using various Topaz software:







Neat Image - noise reduction software. While I can't offer you a discount code for this software (I asked), I still want to share it with you because it is nothing short of amazing.  It is far and away the best noise reduction program you can buy. While they do have a "home" version for $49, I recommend the "Pro" version for $79.90 for the Photoshop Plug In or $69.90 for the standalone. They will allow you to work on 16 bit images. Here is the link Neat Image

Check out these before and after images all done within the Neat Image software:









Movavi Video Editor

This is the video editor I use to create Time Lapse videos. You can watch a tutorial on how I use this software here. Use this link to go to the Movavi Video Editor page. You only need the less expensive version unless you plan to work in 4K. This is the page for the PC Version if you are using Mac make sure you click Mac Version near the top of the page. To save 15% use the coupon code MOVAVIAF15%OFF





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