Digital House℞ Calls℠



Digital House℞ Calls℠


... the affordable ℞ (solution) for your Photoshop, Lightroom and General Photography issues!
For years I have had requests to teach private lessons. People who have watched my DVDs or taken my classes
ask if there is anyway I could work with them one on one? But it was always too expensive an option. Now with
computer screen sharing anyone can afford to have the “doctor” come to their house!

Who’s it for? 

Anyone that wants:
• to work on a particular image-editing problem
• the extra edge to learn a puzzling technique

• improve their general photographic skills
• to take their image editing to the next level
• to fine-tune a technique to improve your image quality

How does it work?

• Through the amazing technology of simplified computer screen sharing, you will be able to see
my computer screen on your monitor as if I am sitting right there with you!
• I can demonstrate a technique that you want to learn and then give you control of my computer
so you can try the same technique with my one-to-one guidance!
• Real one-to-one training based on your needs

Why is this so cool? 

• Private one-to-one lessons tailored to your specific needs
• No need listening to a long webinar or searching the web hoping to find the right info
• Interaction! We solve your issues together as you show me what you’ve learned
guaranteeing the solution to what you wanted to learn
• Done on your schedule

What is needed? 

• Any computer with a high-speed internet connection and a web browser normally there is no software to download, but some situations it is easier for me to see your screen and have control if necessary, in those cases there is some free software you will need to download.
• A computer with microphone and speakers or a telephone (speaker phone or headset is best so you can be hands free)

How much does it cost? 

$85 for the first hour
$65 for each consecutive hour
$325 for a five hour subscription to be used at your convenience (a $97.50 savings over five individually booked hours)

(See below to pay)

See what others are saying:


"A dynamic and intensive training session where I controlled the pace and could voice questions

as the arose. The lesson was invaluable because it was tailored to parts of Lightroom that I needed

instruction on with none of the frustrations of a large classroom setting. Lewis's experience and depth

of knowledge helped improve my workflow from capture to develop and print. In short I can create

better images in less time, thank you Lewis!"

Shane Srogi - Florida


“Lewis is a very engaging and effective teacher and being able to get his one on one instruction

is invaluable.  We were able to work through some masking and layer problems and questions

very quickly and much easier than from a online class or even a workshop. 

I was able to apply what I learned immediately on a project  and I saved time too.”

John Dubois - Washington


"This is definitely the way to go if you want to learn "in the comfort of your home"

....Lewis makes it very easy to learn on a personal level that is specific to your needs. I

appreciate his level of knowledge, his easy in teaching the subject and the ability to try

a new technique when shares control of his screen."

Barbara Bond - Ohio


"Actually, I would not do anything differently. The session met my needs and looking

forward to implementing what I learned and to the next sessions. Thanks again."

Ruben Gonzales - Texas

" Lewis' teaching technique and communication skills are excellent. He very clearly and patiently

goes through each step in the process and reinforces the lesson by having me repeat the

steps under his guidance. In a very short time, I feel I have learned Photoshop techniques that

I have been trying to master for quite some time. Looking forward to our next lesson."

Keith Anzel  - New York


Ordering info


• For the session to be productive you need to be specific on the topic we cover such as: “Using the
Background Eraser to make realistic composites in Photoshop”; “Importing and keywording in Lightroom”;
“Mastering Camera Raw” or “Getting realistic looking HDR images”
You can use my booking calendar to set up a session. The calendar can be accessed at

(make sure you book 2 consecutive half hour blocks)

• Contact me at with your name, phone number and subject(s) you want covered and I will
contact you to discuss the first session. We will discuss your specific needs to refine and tailor the lesson so you get what you want.
• Once we finalized arrangements click on the appropriate link below and make your payment and prepare to learn!
Digital House℞ Call℠ - First Hour
Digital House℞ Call℠ - Second and any consecutive hours
Digital House℞ Call℠ - Five hour subscription


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