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I have selected articles and columns that I have written for PC Photo, Outdoor Photographer and Currents that I think are very useful to photographers. I hope you think so too! There are also several podcast interviews included.

These are posted for personal use only. All articles are copyrighted Lewis Kemper. If you require the use of these articles for business training or teaching purposes please contact me at 916-974-7200. Enjoy!



Adaptive Wide Angle - Outdoor Photographer May 2017

Tamron's Updated 150-600mm - Outdoor Photographer Jan/Feb 2017

Find Your Own Wilderness - Outdoor Photographer Jan/Feb 2017

Link to an article on kayaking the American River for

Setting Camera Raw Defaults from NANPA Currents

Refine Edges from NANPA Currents

Content Aware Fill from NANPA Currents

Decreasing Depth of Field in Photoshop from NANPA Currents

Increasing Depth of Field in Photoshop from NANPA Currents

How to create a digital graduated neutral density filter is from a column I wrote for the July 2001 issue of PC Photo

Density Masks in Photoshop from NANPA Currents

Curves in Photoshop from NANPA Currents magazine

Adjustment Layers from  Outdoor Photographer

Interview with me from Photographer's Forum magazine



There are several free video tutorials available on my Vimeo Channel including tutorials on: Using the Dehaze Slider in Lightroom/ACR; Adding Fireworks to Any Night Image; Creating an Action to add a transparent watermark to your digital images; and how to merge Lightroom catalogs.


Podcasts, Interviews, etc

Tamron Blog - Shooting Eagles with Tamron DSLR Lenses on Mirrorless - check out some cool pictures and read about my latest experience photographing eagles in Alaska with the Tamron 150-600mm and the Nikon Z9 and the Nikon Adapter FTZ II.

Interview for Podcast - Tamron Recipes: Great Chefs in Photography - "The pandemic changed so many things in all of our lives, but one of the biggest challenges has been social distancing. But that sets the stage for the perfect guest chef this month, outdoor photographer Lewis Kemper. He shared a lot of terrific information in this podcast, including the background on his long exposure shot of the night sky from Mono Lake, which we featured last week..."  Read the text and listen to the podcast at the top of the page.

Interview for Podcast Understand Photography Show - Long Exposures with Strong ND Filters -Lewis Kemper tells us how to capture the passage of time in a single image and create stunning images of streaking clouds with long mid-day exposures.

Interview for Podcast called "Picturing Success Podcast" with Rick Sammon (Episode 62)- Lewis Kemper shares his insight on visualizing the end-result – when he is photographing landscapes, wildlife, and one of Rick’s favorites, horses running on the beach. Lewis also talks about how he makes his images stand out on social media – as well as this pre-Ansel Adams days as a dishwasher . . . which Rick thinks helped him get the job as Ansel Adams assistant. (PS I never was Ansel's assistant)

Interview for Podcast called "Why" with Skip Cohen - Lewis Kemper joins me as the 100th artist in the series. He's a photographer, printer, writer, educator and never slows down in his passion for wildlife and the outdoors. In fact, he's been teaching and helping photographers capture/create better images for over forty years.

Photographing the West - podcast interview with Kirby Flanigan

Interview for TheFix - with Sean Duggan

Interview on the Candid Frame #73 May 26, 2009   I have taken the podcast and created a slideshow of over 200 images you can watch while listening.  Enjoy!

Interview "Lewis Kemper: A “Light” Photographer"  Join Noella Ballenger as she takes some time to find out more about how Lewis pursued his successful career in the art of photography.

Interview with David Warner from  I have taken the podcast and created a slideshow of over 200 images you can watch while listening.  Enjoy!

Interview on 7 Photography Questions  - with Dr. Audri Lanford

Article on Lewis leading a Canon in the Parks session in Yosemite

Landscape Photography Blogger post

Arts and Gadgets blog post



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