Vacu-pod Model 3


I use my Vacu-pod all the time!  A Vacu-pod is a suction mount for your ball head, gimbal mount or any other tripod mount. I use mine whenever I need to photograph from a vehicle or at ground level. From my vehicle I either mount the Vacu-pod to the side window or hang from my sunroof depending on the situation. I have driven for hours in Yellowstone with my 500mm f/4 lens hanging from my sunroof allowing me to photograph out the passenger window. In Denali National Park, I have set up the Vacu-pod with up to an 800mm f/5.6 mounted on the passenger window and driven on the bouncy dirt road for hours that way!  At home, when I photograph bluebirds, I position my car in the driveway and set up my camera with the Vacu-pod mounted on the driver side window as I sit comfortably in the driver seat taking pictures and listening to music! On the beach, I place the Vacu-pod in a metal pie pan and mount my big lens and push the pan across the sand as I photograph shore birds while lying on my belly. There are so many great uses for the Vacu-pod including wildlife, and macro photography.




Watch this video on the Vacu-pod!


Special Offer - order a Vacu-pod here are receive a free Vacu-pod Bar $49.95 value! The Vacu-pod Bar attaches to your tripod, and with the addition of an Arca Swiss style clamp to your tripod head, you can take your tripod head from your tripod to your Vacu-pod or vice versa quickly and easily.  (See 1:04 in the video above)


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