"My Stretch of the River: A Photographer's Journal"


 In 2013, I moved nearby the American River in Sacramento, CA. I immediately began photographing and documenting my explorations of the river by my home. "My Stretch of the River: A Photographers Journal" contains over 300 images of the scenery and wildlife I encountered over a one year period, narrated with journal entries about my experiences.

Come along on this multimedia adventure of still and video images captured from the land, the water and air. Explore this urban wilderness and learn how the healing power of nature can make a difference in your life. See River Otters, Great Blue Herons, American Mink, Green Herons, Canada Geese, Mule Deer, Egrets and more as I share his year long adventure with you!


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Here are some comments from previous buyers:

"What a wonderful experience this is to share the river with Lewis. This man has such a passion for what he is doing. The energy he has is quite evident. On a daily basis he is there to capture what Nature allows a man to see. So often he is the only one patrolling this unique stretch of water. He certainly has made it his own place and the animals and birds are just so much a visual enhancement. From scene to scene Lewis allows us be a part of these wonderful adventures. It will allow you to follow as well the scripting that leads us through a discussion of the days events. I have watched the piece twice now and know that I will see it many more times and never tire of the experience. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to join Lewis and share his stretch of the river."  Ralph L

 "Wonderful video in so many ways; wonderful photography and videography, wonderful nature experience both wildlife and landscape. Lewis' production and story makes it seem like you are on the river with him. It's captivating yet very meditative. I highly recommend this video for photographers, videographers, nature lovers and anyone just wanting a beautiful and peaceful hour of calming relaxation at the end of a busy day. I also recommend buying it vs renting it as you will want to watch this over and over."  Ed S

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LEWIS KEMPER is widely recognized as a photographer, writer, and instructor, lecturing throughout the United States. To learn more, click here.



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