Night Photography Photo Class Part 2

... Everywhere we stopped we drew a crowd of people asking what we were doing or who we were waiting for to photograph.  Of course, due to our location, we told them we were either photographing or waiting for the president...

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Night Photography Photo Class Part 1

I am teaching my final workshop of the season for Palm Beach Photographic Centre, this one on night photography.  Last night we went to an area that new to me, Pine Glades Natural Area in Jupiter, Florida.  When we arrived at the parking lot it looked like it was going to be one of those amazing sunsets, so we rushed off to a location overlooking a small lake, facing west...

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Right Place, Right Time

A lot of photography is luck. Lucky to be at a location when the weather and light cooperates, lucky to find the wildlife you seek, lucky to meet the person with the right look.

When I first spotted this Great Blue Heron it was wandering an area of mixed sunlight and shadow and I was watching and waiting for the bird to get to a place with an Edge of Light...

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Picture of the Day - Good things happen when you least expect it

...Just before the exit is an area of water that is in deep shade as the sun is going down. We were walking past that area when I noticed a solitary Great Blue Heron standing thin the inky dark water. Even though there was no direct light to this area, the bird appeared much lighter than the black water...

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