Focus, Track, Shoot, Repeat

A few months ago a client called me and asked what settings I used on my Canon 5D Mark 4 to photograph birds in flight.  I told him what I had tried, but let him know I really didn’t feel to successful at capturing birds in flight...He had a friend that was a professional drone pilot and we was going to see if his friend would fly the drone for us so we could try the different Focus Cases, focusing points and shutter speeds to see what worked best. Read the blog to find out my results

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How many iguanas do you see?

As I was leaving Wakodahatchee Wetlands, I noticed the orange iguana in a tree near the exit...

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A few more silhouettes

I have been going through the 1200+ images I have retained from my Florida trip, adding keywords, deleting more, and processing several.

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What Big Eyes You Have!

...looking at the pictures, I realized there is no way to convey the size of the alligator without seeing next to something you would recognize to give it scale. Since it was in the middle of the water, I did not have that opportunity.  So here are a couple of shots and you’ll just have to trust me, it was huge!

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