Slide show and Free Tip!

Here is a short slide show of images I took on the American River between July 1-5, 2020.

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What's New in Lightroom 9.3 and ACR 12.3

There are 2 fairly big changes to Lightroom 9.3 and ACR 12.3 that I want to share with you.

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The Best Week Ever!

Lately I have been playing around with video.  For years, I have switched my dSLR over to video mode every once in a while, to record some of the wildlife I was seeing, but recently I have been doing that more often...

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Slide Show #10 – River Otters, American River, Sacramento, CA

...For the last show, I chose to do river otters, my favorite animal on the river to photograph. I have about 12,000 otter images in my Lightroom library. Probably 10,000 more than I need to keep, but I have a difficult time eliminating otters.  Each picture brings back fond memories of the countless hours I have spent watching them. I hope these 15 minutes you spend watching the otters give you a little insight into why I find them so fascinating.

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