Februrary 16, 2018 - Video demo of crafting an image

During my “Birds of South Florida” workshop for Palm Beach Photographic Centre, we went to Green Cay Wetlands, arriving before sunrise. As we made our way around the boardwalk the sky was just turning a warm shade of pink when this egret presented itself. I liked the contrast of the warm sky with the cool green grass and the reflection of the bird.

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Back from Florida

I just got back from 2 weeks in Florida. I was working at Palm Beach Photographic Centre. The first week was spent teaching at Fotofusion a week-long photo festival, and the second week I taught a bird photography class.

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Land of the Tiger

I was just showing an old friend some of my tiger images and it got me excited thinking about returning to India to photograph tigers again in late April. I get all kinds of questions when people ask about the tour.  Here are the common questions and the answers!

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December 31, 2017

I went out kayaking on New Year’s Eve morning and it was cold when I got to the river.  There was frost on my kayak and fog over the water.  When it is this cold, I usually have to wait on shore a little while for the fog to rise, before I can launch the kayak. As I was waiting for the fog to lift a group of five otters entered the area right in front of me. Check out the photos and video!

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