Picture of the Day 3/22/18

When I first starting taking pictures on the river, I realized that everyday might not be a good picture day, yet everyday would be a good river day...That first day back was the first time I ever went out on the river and did not take a single picture. The light was flat, the wildlife sightings were poor and I could not find anything interesting enough to photograph...I set the alarm and extra 15 minutes early to make sure I was at the river early in case the sky lit up. ...I positioned the kayak pointing south, into the sun, and brought out the wide-angle lens. The lens is very wide 15-30mm, and I wanted to shoot at 15mm. It gets real tricky not getting any of the kayak or the paddles in the frame when shooting that wide. To find out the whole story read the blog.

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Picture of the Day

...when I awoke and looked outside and saw all the stars I thought to myself "this is going to be a boring sunrise." I was afraid everyone would be upset that I got them out so early...but as we got closer to the river I saw the fog over the water and knew we were in for something special. To read the rest of the story and to watch the tutorial on how I processed the image, read the blog

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Pissed Off Histogram

Actually I am just assuming the histogram wasn’t happy. I am not sure since I never look at my camera histogram.  I do use the Highlight Alert, commonly know as the “blinkies” and my LCD looked like a neon sign flashing in Las Vegas!...Ansel Adams used to describe the process of visualizing your finished product before you snap the shutter as “pre-visualization”, which English professors pointed, out is redundant. But whatever you call it, having a vision first and then trying to create that vision, is what separates true photographers from snapshooters.

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Listen to me on the podcast "Why"

Skip Cohen from Skip Cohen University, has a unique podcast where he interviews photographers about the story behind an image.  He has done 100 of these podcast with photographers such as George Lepp, Art Wolfe, William Innes, Clay Blackmpre, Lindsay Adler, Ian plant, Barbara Bordnick, John Sexton, Lee Varis, Bobbi Lane and many others.

Today I am his 100th guest and here is the image...

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