High Water Day

Whenever the river is running high it is more difficult to find and photograph wildlife. Part of the reason is areas that were shallow and good fishing areas for wading birds are now deep under water. This weekend was one such a time.

When this happens I try and go to areas out of the main channels of the river, more into back bays and lagoons. But even these areas are about 5 feet deeper than normal and a lot of the wildlife gets displaced. One of the species that seems to do better under these conditions is beaver...Read more and see more images below.

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Video Tutorial on Crafting My Coyote Image

The lighting on the coyote was nice but not ideal, so I needed to make some adjustments to the image in post processing.  Watch the video tutorial to see how I post processed this image.

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Where's Waldo?

Some days when I am out on the river it is real easy to spot the wildlife and others it is not so easy. Today was a mix of both. But this one particular female Black-crowned Night Heron was especially difficult. Read the blog to find out more.

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Turkey Sex and more...

You can tell spring is in the air by watching the wildlife.Two weekends ago, when I was leading my workshop group at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, we saw at least 50 turkeys....We did see something I had never seen before and that was turkey sex. So for all you city folks here is what it looks like!

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