You can go back again!

There is an old adage, “You can’t go back again” but that certainly doesn’t pertain to photographs.  Yesterday I was working on some video lessons on Lightroom Classic, when I got sucked into a black hole and taken back in time to a trip to Tibet 7 years ago.  I discovered images I had taken to make panoramas but never stitched, old images I processed but now can do better with the more modern tools in the Develop module.  It was hours later when I pulled myself out of the black hole and shut down the computer, realizing it was 8 PM and I hadn’t had dinner or moved from my chair in 4 hours.

These examples are images of Mt. Everest from either Rongbuk Moanstery or Tibet Base Camp.

Here is one example of the 2011 version vs. the 2017 version.


Tibet-_DM42435-Edit.jpg2018 version

And here is the moon over Mt. Everest and the Rongbuk Glacier from Base Camp, that I had never even processed!

Tibet-_DS_8743-Edit.jpg1/40 sec; f/16; Exp comp -.33; ISO 100; 32mm


Here are two versions of my all time favorite view in the world (that I have seen), reprocessed using the new tools in the Develop module and stitched in Lightroom.

This is the view of the Himalaya Range from Pang LA Pass, Tibet.  You are seeing 4 peaks that top 8,000 M (26,000+ ft). The pass itself is at 5,205 M (17,076 ft)

Dawn, Pang La Pass, Tibet

Tibet-_DS_8471-Pano-Edit.jpg9 vertical images stitched together in LR; .6 sec; f/14; Exp com -.67; ISO 100; 115mm


Sunrise, Pang La Pass, Tibet

Tibet-_DS_8507-Pano-Edit.jpg12 vertical images stitched together in LR; 1/5 sec; f/14; Exp com -.67; ISO 100; 170mm


I guess the lesson in this blog, is it pays to go back and look at your old images every once in a while, especially after there have been big changes to the tools you have to process those images.

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