This Week’s Slide Show – Great Blue Herons

I have 8,091 keyworded images of Great Blue Herons (there may be more without keywords!) I have probably discarded a similar number. Second to eagles, these are my most photographed birds.  You can find Great Blue Herons throughout the U.S. Most of these images were taken either in Florida at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, or Green Cay Wetlands, or locally here on the American River in Sacramento, CA. These birds are beautiful, almost prehistoric in looks and sound, and the most ferocious and opportunistic hunters I have ever seen. I have seen them eat fish, snakes, small ducks, and even goslings. And yet to watch them nest building, nesting and raising their young together, is one of the nature’s most heart-warming rituals. Countless sunrise photo sessions have gone into the making of these images! Enjoy the photos.



And I want to let you know I am starting the next session of my master class- "Take Your Photography to the Max! on June 14th. For more information click here.