Using your cellphone to take raw images

There is an old saying "The best camera you own is the one you have with you." These days we all carry our cellphones with us wherever we go.  If you have a cellphone that is newer than a few years old, it most probably is capable of taking raw files, if you use the correct app. We all know the jpeg and heic files are phones normally make don't give us a lot of latitude when processing our images. But using the phone to capture a raw file will give you much more latitude when processing your images.  If you use the “Lightroom camera” that is part of the Lightroom app (formerly called Lightroom CC or Lightroom mobile) you can capture raw files that you can then process on your phone, or better yet on your desktop in Lightroom Classic (or Lightroom Desktop -  you got to love Adobe for keeping this so confusing!)

If you subscribe to the Adobe photo package of Lightroom and Photoshop, you also get the mobile app for no extra charge. Here is a little video tutorial to help you get started taking raw files on your phone!  Enjoy.


News Flash - the option to set to jpeg came back in  my phone - must have been a glitch!


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