Too Much Time On My Hands?

Every once in a while I will look at a picture and think “What if?”  Yesterday I was looking at the pictures of the horses and riders on the beach and I remembered a series of rodeo pictures I took a few years ago where I applied a filter and did some layer blending to make a grittier more illustrative look and I thought “What if I applied that look to some of these images”

Here are the before and after images that I have done so far.  Please let me know what you think before I spend too much time working on more.







For those wondering about the technical aspects, I opened the image, duplicated the Background layer, ran a filter using Topaz Adjust (use this link to save 15%), added a layer mask to the filtered layer and painted back the original skin tones, and then ran a Curve adjustment layer on the Background layer to match the contrast.


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