Slide show and Free Tip!

Here is a short slide show of images I took on the American River between July 1-5, 2020.  It was a nice week!  Enjoy.

I have been very busy creating new content for my 3 new upcoming classes that start August 2nd:

Getting the most out of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop - 4 week class

Getting the most out of Lightroom Library Module - 4 week class

Getting the most out of Lightroom Develop Module - 4 week class

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Free Tip!

For all of you Lightroom users I want to tell you about a great plug-in I discovered. I have always wanted Adobe to add a feature that would allow you to see which focus point was active when you took a picture. I feel that helps you when trying to figure why a certain image is or isn’t sharp.  It also is helpful when testing different focus modes on your camera, to see how it is behaving.

That is why I am introducing you to "Show Focus Points" plug-in for Lightroom.  And the best part is it is free!  Here is the link:

One drawback - it only works for Nikon, Canon and some Sony cameras.

Also make sure you read the FAQ. I particularly found these to be helpful.

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 9.16.53 AM.png