Shooting for a theme

When I go out and photograph, I usually don’t have an agenda.  I tend to take advantage of whatever it is that is presented to me in nature. But sometimes I do have preconceived ideas in mind.   A local Facebook group put up their weekly challenge and it was “fallen leaves”, and for some reason the theme stuck in my mind. I was out kayaking this weekend and I kept thinking of fallen leaves. At one point I came to a spot on the river that was full of fallen leaves, so I spent some time making images, looking for interesting reflections and leaves.  It’s a bit trickier making these images from a kayak because not only are the leaves moving on the river, but so am I.  As I drifted, I noticed the background changing, and I began making images with light backgrounds, dark background and mixed backgrounds. I quickly realized I liked it the best when the leaves were receiving some back lighting and tried to position myself to make that happen.


Here are a few examples:

4010-181104-_TEL4780-Edit.jpg1/640 sec; f/13; ISO 280; 600mm


4010-181104-_TEL4731-Edit.jpg1/640 sec; f/10; ISO 250; 600mm


4010-181104-_TEL4655.jpg1/640 sec; f/9; ISO 160; 420mm


4010-181104-_TEL4643.jpg1/640 sec; f/8; ISO 640; 600mm


4010-181104-_TEL4620.jpg1/640 sec; f/13; ISO 1800; 600mm


4010-181104-_TEL4664-Edit.jpg1/640 sec; f/9; ISO 280; 600mm


I found it was a good exercise to have a theme in mind and suggest you try it sometime.  Pick a theme, any theme and then see if you can go out and make images based on that theme. Having a self-assignment makes you take a more disciplined approach to your images and will aid you in your ability to see and think photographically.


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