River Project

Several months ago, I got commissioned do to a project on the American River, photographing and writing about my experiences.  Since it was summer at the time, we decided to wait until fall when there was a better chance for clouds, and more wildlife. October came and here in Sacramento, we were having summer like weather. It was as Ansel used to say, “bald headed skies” and not very interesting, so we put it off again. November came, and it was still clear outside, and the birds had not begun to come back to the river.  Then we the fires came, and we had 12 days of toxic air. Finally, at Thanksgiving the conditions improved, and I began the project.

I spent 4 days photographing on the river, two days by kayak and two days by foot.  I visited three different locations all within 5 miles of each other. Here is a link to the finished project.


I hope you enjoy the story and the images.