Piggyback Flash

If you have seen any of horse on the beach images you know that I am not using a flash when I take my pictures.  There have always been some photographers that are shooting with flash in the mornings at the beach. I guess it was just matter of time before I accidentally fired my camera at the same time a flash photographer fired theirs.  Here are the results.

_DWA2272.jpg1/40 sec; f/4; ISO 500; 24mm

I think I like the effect and I may try some of this next year just to do something different.  After all, I have about 8,000 pictures of the horses on the beach (I know I need to edit more), so doing something different will give me some new looks.  I think I can use it to get the panning look that has eluded me allowing me to totally blur the background with the pan and have the flash freeze the horse and rider just enough to give them definition. While I was at the festival, I bought a MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Flash Modifier Kit, (to save 15% click here) to extend the range of my flash, and today I am going to the zoo to practice with it.  Stay tuned for more info on my findings.

Please let me know what you think of the flashed image and if I should experiment with that next year.  Thanks.

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