Picture of the Day

I was leading a local workshop for Viewpoint Photographic Arts Center to Effie Yeaw Nature Center last weekend and we had a glorious sunrise!  Everyone got great images. It was a cold clear morning and when I awoke and looked outside and saw all the stars I thought to myself "this is going to be a boring sunrise." I was afraid everyone would be upset that I got them out so early. We met in the dark at the nature center and began our walk to the river.  The sky was clear without a cloud in sight and I was prepared for an uneventful sunrise, but as we got closer to the river I saw the fog over the water and knew we were in for something special.


We set up along the river bank, pointing our cameras east towards the rising sun.  When the sun cam up and backlit the fog and the trees on the opposite bank it was beautiful. I noticed this big stately oak to our left and had the group move opposite that tree. I wanted to bring out as much detail as possible, so I shot for HDR, bracketing 3 exposures 2 stops apart. I am pretty sure I took these hand held as I had my other camera with the wide angle lens on the tripod and I was walking between students to make sure they were doing ok. I would occasionally stop and shoot a few frames with my longer lens on the camera I was carrying in my Cotton Carrier.

I processed these 3 images using the Merge-to-32 bit plug-in for LIghtroom.  Watch the video to see what I did and to learn how to get the plug in.

If you want to join me on a workshop where we will be working on HDR, long exposures, panoramas, night photography and more, there are still 2 spaces in Expanding Your Creativity; Monterey Bay Penninsula May 21-25, 2018. 

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