One bird, many looks

While photographing at Wakodahatchee Wetlands last weekend, I had a Great Blue Heron walk right under the boardwalk that I was standing on, passing directly below me. It is not everyday you get to look straight down on a heron. I took a lot of pictures as the bird passed below me, going from the dark shadowy waters into the brighter sunlit water.


1/400 sec; f/7.1; ISO 1250; 160mm

I found it interesting to see how much the images changed as the bird walked this path. It reminded me to continuously work a subject for as long as you can because you never know where the best picture will be.

4900-180305-_5D43812.jpg1/400 sec; f/7.1; ISO 1250; 309mm


4900-180305-_5D43821.jpg1/400 sec; f/7.1; ISO 1250; 500mm


4900-180305-_5D43831.jpg1/500 sec; f/7.1; ISO 2000; 600mm


And this last image I took when the bird was just below me.

4900-180305-_5D43819.jpg1/400 sec; f/7.1; ISO 1250; 600mm


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