Long Exposure Creativity in Florida

I love the clouds in Florida!  Living where I do, the central valley of California, I don’t get to experience too many days of great big puffy clouds. Our norm is, to use an Ansel Adams quote, “bald headed skies.” So when I come to Florida I like to take advantage of the clouds.

In order to photograph long exposures during the day you need a very strong neutral density filter.  I recommend a 15-stop filter.  With a 15-stop filter an exposure that normally would be 1/125 sec becomes a 4 minute exposure.  I own 2 15-stop filters a Singh Ray 77mm screw in filter for my 24-105mm lens and a Haida 150mm square filter and filter holder that goes on my 15-30mm lens which has a curved front surface that does not allow you to screw on filters.

I did my first few long exposure images around West Palm Beach, while teaching workshops for Palm Beach Photographic Centre. I walked a few blocks down to the Intracoastal Waterway to make these images.

_DWA4397.jpgKayaks, West Palm Beach, Florida  390 sec; f/14; ISO 100; 15mm; 15-Stop Haida Neutral Density Filter

_DWA4393.jpgCoin operated Binoculars, West Palm Beach, Florida     390 sec; f/16; ISO 100; 15mm; 15 Stop Haida Neutral Density Filter


Later that day I photographed a great sunset at Pine Glades Natural Area and took this image. Since it was getting dark when I made this image, there was no need for the filter. I was able to get a 60 sec exposure just by stopping the lens down to f/14.

_DWA4418.jpgSunset, Pine Glades Natural Area, Jupiter, Florida  60 sec; f/14; ISO 100; 15mm

On Sunday when my classes were over, I went out to Boynton Beach because the clouds were so nice.  I was thinking and did pay attention to the fact that it was a weekend and the beach would be crowded. There were lots of surfers in the ocean, but I knew they would not be an issue since they would blur out with the motion of the water during the long exposure.  I made 3 images I like while I was there.

_DWA4609.jpgRocks and pier, Boynton Beach, Florida    240 sec; f/16; ISO 100; 29mm; 15 Stop Haida Neutral Density Filter

_DWA4595.jpgRocks and surf, Boynton Beach, Florida     240 sec; f/18; ISO 100; 29mm; 15 Stop Haida Neutral Density Filter


_DWA4593.jpgRocks and people, Boynton Beach, Florida        240 sec; f/18; ISO 100; 29mm; 15 Stop Haida Neutral Density Filter


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