Last week

Last week I was busy teaching a workshop on the Monterey Peninsula.  I had a great group of students and everyone learned a lot and had a great time. We were concentrating on long exposures with neutral density filters, HDR, exposure stacking and night photography.  I didn’t take too many images since I was busy with the students. I took the most images when we were photographing the Pacific Grove Butterfly House, and only a few when we were at the beaches.  Here are a few that I took.

_DWA4062-2.jpgSurf and Rocks, Pacific Grove, CA  - 2.5 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 35mm; Singh-Ray variable neutral density filter


4000-20180523_DWA4216-Edit.jpgSunset, Asilomar Beach, Pacific Grove - 29 images stacked and blended with Blend Mode of Lighten


_DWA4722PMP.jpgSunset, Asilomar Beach, Pacific Grove, CA  - 3 exposures 2 stops apart for HDR; f/18; ISO 100; 15mm


_DWA4653 (1).jpgMy students braving the good light on Asilomar Beach


_DWA4143.jpgPacific Grove Butterfly House - 8 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 30mm


_DWA4161.jpgStudents at Pacific Grove Butterfly House


_DWA4867.jpgDetail, Pacific Grove Butterfly House – 4 sec; f/11; exp comp -1.67; ISO 100; zooming lens

I will be teaching another “Expand Your Creativity” workshop at Mono Lake in October. Here is a preview of what will be doing.

_DWA0261.jpgAspens, Lundy Canyon - 5 Sec; f/9; ISO 100; zooming lens; variable neutral density filter


_DWA9755.jpgAbandoned building, Mono Lake, CA 24 sec; f/2.8; ISO 3200; 15mm


_DWA9486.jpgStreaming clouds, Mono Lake, CA 240 sec; f/9; ISO 100; 15mm; 15 stop neutral density filter

Maybe you can join me there? Click here for more info.

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