Land of the Tiger

I was just showing an old friend some of my tiger images and it got me excited thinking about returning to India to photograph tigers again in late April. I get all kinds of questions when people ask about the tour.  Here are the common questions and the answers!


  1. “Will we see tigers?”   - Every year is different of course, but last year we went to two parks, Bandhavgarh and Khana. In Bandhavgarh we lost count at 15 tigers and we saw between 15- 20; all but a few were very close and great photo opportunities. At Khana we only saw a few tigers but actually had our closest encounter.  This year I decided to make the whole tour at Bandhavgarh because it is smaller and the tigers are more concentrated, and I think everyone would rather have a better chance of seeing more tigers.




  1. “What are the accommodations like?” – Great! The lodge is wonderful and the rooms are gorgeous. See for yourself.




  1. “What is the weather? – In two words HOT and DUSTY! But that is why we see so many tigers. The daytime temperatures are over 100° F and can get up to 110° easily, but the tigers congregate at water when the temps are this high and this is why we see so many tigers.  You can go to India when it is cooler, but you won’t see as many tigers.  BTW, the rooms are air-conditioned!


Wearing bandanas for the dust!

  1. “How is the food?”   - Delicious and yes it is Indian food!


  1. “What else do you see besides tigers?” – in Bandhavgarh we saw lots of different species of birds, jackals, monkeys, deer, mongoose and more. And in addition to the park we also go the Varanasi, the holy city on the Ganges River, and experience the amazing colorful culture of India






    As you can see the trip offers lots of great photo opportunities.  I hope one day you get a chance to go!