The Grand Scene

Today I thought I would share four views of what the landscape of wildflowers looked like. After spending an hour or so working on my close up images of flowers, I walked back to the car and picked up my second camera with a 100-400mm lens a made a few images of the scene I was photographing.

I was photographing using small apertures to insure I had enough depth of field in the pictures. Since the aperture was so small and the ISO was set to 100, I was using shutter speeds in the range of 1/10 to 1/60 sec., which meant my camera needed to steady. I made these images mounting my camera on my Feisol tripod (to learn more about my gear click here) and using Live View to lock up the mirror, and a 2 second delay to steady the camera.

untitled-180409-_DWA4842-Edit.jpg1/60 sec; f/16; Exp comp -1; ISO 100; 400mm


untitled-180409-_DWA4844.jpg1/25 sec; f/25; ISO 100; exp comp -1; 200mm


untitled-180409-_DWA4829.jpg1/40 sec; f/16; Exp comp +33; ISO 100; 300mm



1/10 sec; f/32; Exp comp -.67; ISO 100; 339mm