A few more silhouettes

I have been going through the 1200+ images I have retained from my Florida trip, adding keywords, deleting more, and processing several. In doing so, I have discovered some images I passed over on my initial editing and found several more that I really like.

I have already written a blog post on the techniques I use when making silhouette images (https://www.lewiskemper.com/blog/eye-sun) so I am not going to repeat myself here.  I just wanted to share a few more silhouettes from my favorite sunrise location at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach, Florida.  Let me know what you think.


4900-_5D42471.jpgMorning Lift Off  1/8000 sec; f/11; ISO 800; 329mm


4900-_5D42421.jpgCormorants roosting    1/8000 sec; f/11; ISO 800; 213mm



Wood Stork preening   1/8000; sec; f/11; ISO 800; 500mm



Lone Wood Stork   1/4000; f/29; ISO 800; 300mm


4900-_5D43064.jpgWood Stork and Cormorants   1/250 sec; f/13; ISO 125; 213mm


_5D41278.jpgGreat Blue Heron young pleading for food   1/1250 sec; f/13; ISO 400; 329mm