Februrary 16, 2018 - Video demo of crafting an image

During my “Birds of South Florida” workshop for Palm Beach Photographic Centre, we went to Green Cay Wetlands, arriving before sunrise. As we made our way around the boardwalk the sky was just turning a warm shade of pink when this egret presented itself. I liked the contrast of the warm sky with the cool green grass and the reflection of the bird.



Great Egret, Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach, Florida

1/160 sec; f/7.1; ISO 2500; 226mm; hand held

Ansel Adams said, “The negative is the score and the print is the performance.”

In today’s digital world, the raw file is the score and the processed image is the performance. Check out this video of how I crafted the performance from my raw capture.