February 19, 2018 Processing my sunset image

Every day around 5 o'clock I try to leave the office and go for 30 minute power walk. I walk pretty briskly, trying to build up a sweat during this walk, so I usually don't carry my camera but on Thursday I left the house, stepped outside, looked up, and saw we had some really nice clouds in the sky. So I came back in, put on my Cotton Carrier (Use coupon code Kempercotton to save 10%), grabbed my camera with my 15-30 mm lens and went out on my walk. I did an extra loop in the upper part of my walk in and by the time I got down to the river I had gotten got my full walk time in. It turned out to be a good move because we had a really good sunset. 

As always the original raw capture did not quite convey what I saw when I was standing by the river. To see the edits I made to the file to bring it to its full potential watch the video below.



Here is the final image

4010-180214-_DWA4223c.jpg 1/40 sec; f/11; ISO 400; 15mm


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