f/8 And Be There

There is an old adage in photography “f/8 and be there.”

I built this slide show by searching for all the pictures I have taken at f/8 since I took my first digital images in 2002. That is when I began experimenting with digital cameras. I did not buy my first dSLR until 2004. I went through many models of Canon cameras and now 16 years later I am shooting with a Nikon. Who knows what the future will hold?

When I searched through those 16 years of images, I found I had used 17 different camera models, and 21 different focal length lenses, some owned, some borrowed. I had kept 63,786 images taken at f/8. Of those, I had rated 3835 as 1 star or higher.  I whittled those down to 389 for this slide show. The images are in chronological order. Sorry it is so large, I guess I am not the world’s best editor! But sit back, kick off your shoes, grab a drink, and enjoy.  Maybe it will take your mind of our dire situation, and bring you a few smiles.

Stay well,
Lewis Kemper 4/17/20