Erodium botrys, Amador County, California

When I photograph wildflowers, I am not usually trying to make a literal recording of the plant, but a more artistic interpretation of spring and the feeling of being among the flowers. In this image I like the contrast of the cooler magenta flower against the warm orange of the poppies behind. I also like the gesture of the flower, it almost looks like two arms being held open in joy.

It was a little tricky making images this day, as the wind began to pick up. I needed faster shutter speeds to stop the motion in the flowers. And of course as the wind moved the flowers my composition would change, so it was a waiting game,  trying to catch the flower in the correct position on the frame.

In researching the name of this flower, I learned it is not native to California but is now fairly widespread throughout the state.

4000-180409-_5D45091-Edit.jpg1/1000 sec; f/4; ISO 400; 180mm macro