Elkhorn Slough Day 4

I didn’t expect to go back to the slough on day 4, it was supposed to be a day of rest. But as fate or luck would have it, I woke up at 5:15 anyway, so I decided to go.  Again it was overcast once again, and the coldest of all the mornings. But I bundled up, and off I went.  It was windy and there were a few swells in the harbor area, but they calmed down once I headed into the slough.

After spending four mornings on the water, you would think I would be more used to the motion, but as I sit here and write this, I feel as if I am still bobbing up and down on the water! I hope I don’t get seasick typing.

I went directly to the location where I had been seeing the friendly mom and pup otter, and sure enough they were there again.  I ended up spending an hour with them before moving on.

Here are some of the images I made.


On my way out to meet the two friendly otters I passed this one.

_5D44296.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 3200; 600mm


Then I found my friends. And they were saying hello.

_5D44456.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 3200; 600mm


_5D44773.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 3200; 400mm


I got to watch them eat clams, a crab and more of the Innkeeper Worms. I wonder how much food can still be down there after watching them eat?  These two alone ate at least 5 of the worms, a half a dozen clams, and one crab in the hour I spent with them.  Even though the pup is capable of getting its own food, when it comes up empty it swims to mom and takes her food, which she readily shares.


_5D44532.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 2500; 600mm


_5D44525.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 3200; 600mm


_5D44552.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 3200; 600mm


I guess every once in a while you need a salad.

_5D44720.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 1000; 450mm


While this was going on, several seals visited me.

_5D44409.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 2000; 600mm


I didn’t have the heart to tell this one I could still see it and the camouflage wasn’t working.

_5D44755.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; Exp comp +1; ISO 3200; 600mm


Check out this video of a curious sea otter pup.

I am going to miss this place, and compared to this, it will sure seem quite when I next kayak on the American River.

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