Elkhorn Slough Day 2

No matter how much you plan, you are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. After the first day of kayaking, we decided it would be worth it to go earlier and try to take advantage of early morning light. When I left the hotel in the dark, I didn’t realize how thick the cloud cover was, and it wasn’t just a thin marine layer it was heavy overcast.  When we put the kayaks in the water it was gray and dingy out, not real promising for photography, and nothing like what we were hoping for. Unfortunately in the four hours we were out it never got much better. That meant high ISOs all day.

The good thing was we found a couple of cooperative otters that approached our kayaks and fed in very close proximity. I was able to get some nice close ups. One advantage of the flat light was that it was easy to get detail in the otter’s fur since there was not a bright contrast problem.  The downside of that was since the sky was gray, the water appeared gray in all my images and didn’t look too appealing.  Fortunately it is easy to correct that problem in the raw processing. If you don’t know how to do this in Lightroom or ACR than watch the video on this older blog post http://www.lewiskemper.com/blog/blackbird-singing (see what you miss if you don’t subscribe to the blog!).


If anyone knows what these long red wormlike things are that otters feasted on, please reply below and let me know!

_5D43222.jpg1/400 sec; f/8; ISO 3200; 500mm


_5D43279.jpgSharing kisses and a clam with mom  1/400 sec; f/8; ISO 3200; 483mm


_5D43322.jpgGetting every last drop of clam - 1/400 sec; f/8; ISO 3200; 483mm


_5D43424.jpgI love the expressions!  1/400 sec; f/9; ISO 2000; 500mm


_5D43559.jpgWaving hello - 1/320 sec; f/9; ISO 500; 600mm


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