Creating water movement (video included)

Last week, I showed you how I created streaming clouds from a series of 40 images taken 5 seconds apart and then merged in Photoshop with Blend Modes. Today I am sharing the same technique with moving water and a few extra tweaks.  In the cloud image I set my interval timer to take a picture every 5 sec for 40 frames. This time I took the exposures manually, while watching the waves. There ended up to be 44 exposures. Looking at the metadata I see I took all the pictures in about 50 seconds.

Here is what the first image looked like after Lightroom adjustments.

4000-20180523_DWA4446.jpg1/60 sec; f/16;Exp comp -.67;  ISO 100; 15mm


Here is what my final combined image looks like.


And here is the video showing how I created the final image.




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