Creating and Saving Camera Raw Defaults in Lightroom 9.2 and higher

With the latest release of Lightroom 9.2, Adobe has changed the way you create Camera Raw Defaults. Camera Raw Defaults allow you to save certain parameters that you want to apply to all your images but don’t want to take the time to apply them to all your images.  For example, I apply a custom camera profile to my images instead of working with the default color profile, Adobe Color, that Adobe assigns.  This way right from the start my images look a lot better and I don’t have to make adjustments because the profile has matched my camera to the perfect color. I also apply a certain amount of Clarity and Vibrance to all mt images, a specific set of sharpening adjustments, and I make sure that lens corrections are turned on.  By saving all this as a Camera Raw Default I save the time of having to make these adjustments to my images, they are applied automatically at import.


Here is a little video on how to create and save Camera Raw Defaults in the newest version of Lightroom. If you have not watched my video on creating custom camera profiles, you can do that here.