Bracketing Compositions

I bracket compositions much more than I do exposures. I feel confident, after 40 years of picture taking that I can get the exposure correct, but composition is much more subjective and emotional.  A vertical image of the same scene will have a totally different emotion feel than a horizontal. Changing focal lengths, my height perspective or even just shifting right or left can make huge differences of the feel of an image. As a photographer I am trying to capture an emotion and feeling of a particular subject and share that with others. How I place the frame is critical to telling that story. And there is no one right answer. A picture I may like better on Monday may not be the same one I like better on Tuesday. How I, or any viewer is feeling when looking at an image will influence their emotional response to that image.

My advice is, if you have time, bracket those compositions.  Try vertical and horizontal, get down lower or get up higher, use a wide angle and then a telephoto, shift right or left. All of those things will make a difference in your pictures. When you get them all back, evaluate them as a group.  See what was successful, and what wasn’t. Use that knowledge the next time you go out and photograph.

Here is a series of images to illustrate these concepts. Let me know which one is your favorite. At this time you need to subscribe to the blog (found in the upper right of the page) in order to post comments. Thanks.

4010-180318-_DWA4712-PMP-Edit.jpg#1 - 1/250 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 30mm

4010-180318-_DWA4691-PMP-Edit-Edit.jpg#2 - 1/160 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 30mm

4010-180318-_5D44309.jpg#3 - 1/125 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 150mm

4010-180318-_5D44317.jpg#4 - 1/100 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 150mm

4010-180318-_5D44331.jpg#5 - 1/320 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 150mm


#6 - 1/125 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 150mm


#7 - 1/200 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 150mm


#8 - 1/400 sec; f/11; ISO 100; 150mm