Babies Galore!

The best part about going to Triple D Game Farm in June is the baby animals.  While every year is different, and you never know exactly what species of babies there will be available, the possibilities are great. You can find baby fox, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, lynx, porcupine, otters, pine martins and more.  This year my group photographed baby fox, coyotes, lynx, and wolves as a group and several members did optional sessions with baby porcupine, and river otters.

Next year I am leading another workshop there at the same time of year.  For more info, and to watch a video of this year’s shoot, click here.


_5D46735-2.jpgBaby Coyote - 1/500 sec; f/13; ISO 1000; fill flash


_5D47008-2.jpgAdult and Pup Coyote – 1/640 sec; f/7.1; ISO 400


_5D47116-2.jpgCoyote Pup – 1/640 sec; f/7.1; ISO 800; 300mm; fill flash


_5D47720-Edit.jpgPine Martin Babies – 1/400 sec; f/6.3; ISO 1250; 205mm


_5D47788-2.jpgPine Martin Baby – 1/640 sec; f/10; ISO 3200; 483mm


_5D48591.jpgRed Fox Kit – 1/640 sec; f/10; Exp comp -.67; ISO 400; 256mm; Fill Flash


_5D49905.jpgCanada Lynx Kitten – 1/250 sec; f/6.3; Exp comp -.67; ISO 1250; 428mm


_DWA5640.jpgCanada Lynx Kittens – 1/200 sec; f/9; ISO 2500; 105mm


_5D40582.jpgGray Wolf Pup – 1/800 sec; f/7.1; ISO 500; 309mm; Fill Flash


_5D41597.jpgGray Wolf and Pup – 1/640 sec; f/10; ISO 500; 168mm; Fill Flash


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