And the new winner is...

Sorry I haven't written a blog recently, but I haven't found anything that exciting to write about until now!

I was recently working with one of my online clients and he is interested in making some large prints from some fairly small files, either crops from his dSLR or images made from an iPhone. So, I decided to look into the best way to interpolate his files for enlargement.

Several years I did a large mural project for a local medical center and had to enlarge some of my images from my Canon 1Dx and some panoramas made with the same camera. The 1Dx only had an 18 MP sensor, so my files were not very large, and we made prints that were anywhere from 4 x 6 feet to 4 x 12 feet long. In order to create the files large enough to make those prints, I did a lot of homework.  I tested Photoshop interpolation, step interpolation in Photoshop, Genuine Fractals and BenVista PhotoZoom 6 (at the time). I found BenVista PhotoZoom to be the best and bought the software to create those prints.

So, when my client asked about his project, I figured PhotoZoom would once again be the solution, but I was aware that Topaz Labs had released their new software Gigapixel AI. I decided to run new tests using the newest version of PhotoZoom and comparing it against Gigapixel AI and Photoshop.

I downloaded the trial version of the newest version of PhotoZoom, version 8 (I had updated to version 7 but that was as high as I had gone), because I didn’t want to spend the money to upgrade until I saw who won the test. The trail version watermarks the image.

For the test I took a very small jpeg image of a heron I had photographed when kayaking on the American River. The image was originally taken with my Nikon D850, a 47 MP camera, and then reduced in size for posting on Instagram and Facebook. I took this low-resolution version which opened to a 2.66 MB file in Photoshop and blew it up to a 46. 2 MB file and enlargement of approximately 400%.


Here is the original 2.66 MB file.

4010-191111-_TEL3839-IG.jpgOriginal 2.66 MB


After enlarging it three times using Photoshop, PhotoZoom and Gigapixel AI, I viewed them at 100% and placed them side by side in Photoshop.

In this low-res comparison, you may not see too much of a difference.

Comaprison LR.jpgLow res comparison


Here is a screen shot of each individual head at 100% so you can get a better look.

PS.jpg100% Photoshop



PhotoZoom 8 100%



Topaz AI 100%

As you can see Topaz Gigapixel AI is the hands down winner of this competition. If you ever need to res up images, this is the software I recommend and plan to use in the future!

To buy or download the trial version click here.