15 stops and be there longer

We had nice clouds on Saturday so I grabbed my camera with my 15-30mm lens and my 15 stop Neutral Density filter and headed to the river. Ideally, streaming cloud images work best when you clouds directly overhead, but on Saturday most them were coming from my right. I did manage to get a couple of images I liked before the skies cleared.

Ironically, while I was taking 4 minute exposures with a 15mm lens, the sea lion that has been frequenting our stretch of the river appeared.  I watched as it swam closer and closer to me, bummed about not having a way to photograph it. When the sea lion got about 20 feet away I did my best sea lion vocalization imitation and it looked right at me and then submerged.  I thought it was coming to get a closer look, but apparently whatever I managed to say was not very nice and it never came back!

4010-180324-_DWA4752-Edit.jpg4 min; f/16; ISO 100; 15mm; 15 stop ND filter


If you are interested in learning how to do long exposures and work with strong neutral density filters, it is one of the topics I will be teaching during my "Expanding Your Creativity; Monterey Bay Peninsula, CA" workshop May 21-25, 2018.