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Day 2 Wildlife Model Workshop

Here are a few from the second day of the Wildlife Model Workshop.

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Day 1 - Wildlife Model Workshop

I just have time to post a few images from Day 1 on my WIldlife Model Workshop

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Sea Lion Edit

I had several people ask me how I tinted the Sea Lion image from yesterday, since it looked like the water and the sky were two different colors. They are!

So I made a little video showing you my post processing work and how I took this image:

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Further editing

I always like to put a few days or a week between the time I photograph and the time I final edit my images.  This gives me time to separate the experience from the images.  Sometimes I find images that I totally over looked in the early edits that are good, and other times I find images that I thought were good in the early edits, really aren’t so good, now that I have that time separation. Also getting to view the images on a big color calibrated monitor versus the small laptop can help find flaws in images that I did not notice at first.

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