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Bluebird Surprise!

I was surprised when I returned from Monterey to find the bluebirds were still in the box, I had expected them to have fledged. I spent about two hours photographing them on Saturday and I decided that would be my last day, as to make sure I did not interfere with their fledging...I wanted to try out my new flash and all the accessories, with the full height extension that I will be using in Montana during the wildlife model workshop...I was impressed how well the Vacu-pod held all the weight...

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Last week

Last week I was busy teaching a workshop on the Monterey Peninsula... We were concentrating on long exposures with neutral density filters, HDR, exposure stacking and night photography...   Here are a few that I took.

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Elkhorn Slough Day 4

I didn’t expect to go back to the slough on day 4, it was supposed to be a day of rest. But as fate or luck would have it, I woke up at 5:15 anyway, so I decided to go...I got to watch them eat clams, a crab and more of the Innkeeper Worms. I wonder how much food can still be down there after watching them eat? ...I am going to miss this place, and compared to this, it will sure seem quite when I next kayak on the American River.

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Elkhorn Slough Day 3

The last two days we had noticed one mother and child pair of otters that were especially comfortable around us.  For the most part they paid us no attention, except for the occasional visit when the young otter would put its paws on my boat and peak inside. I decided I was going to spend most of my morning with them if they were in their usual area...The otters swam around, diving for food constantly.  They are voracious eating machines. There were times they came up within feet of my kayak allowing me to take many close up images.

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