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Into the Eye of the Sun

When I photograph birds I am always looking for lighting conditions and situations that will make the images a little more interesting and dramatic.  I am always looking for backlight, sidelight and edge of light situations.  Read the blog to get some tips and techniques for making better silhouette images.

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26 Feb

A Fight to Remember!

...We walked about 40 yards up the road passing cars just left in the roadway, cars off to the side of the road, it looked like something out of a disaster film. And then we came upon a crowd of about 100- 150 people all standing on one side of the road, while just across the roadway these two moose were going head to head in a display of dominance...There must have 7 rows of people ahead of me and there was no way to fight my way through the crowd to take pictures.  I kept moving left and right looking for any opening to slip into but none were to be found. 

To read the whole story and see more images read this blog entry.

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Processing HDR Image with Merge to 32 bit Plug In

Last night we had a good sunset, so I finished my powerwalk down by the river.

...Here are the pictures and a little video on how I process my HDR images in Lightroom using the Merge to 32 bit plug in from

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Not Ready For Prime Time

In December of 2002 I borrowed a Canon D60, (not 60D) a 6.3 MP camera, and went to Triple D Game Farm to photograph for an article for PC Photo on the digital workflow. This was pre Adobe Camera Raw, pre Lightroom. The only software available was the Canon software at the time. (Pre Digital Photo Professional) It was painfully slow and clunky.

 I wrote my article how the camera was good but the whole digital workflow was a pain in the ass. And if you wanted to take pictures in any volume then you would need days just to process your images. I suggested to keep shooting film and scan your slides until the software and the workflow would make it efficient enough to begin to shoot with a digital camera. It was the only column in my 10 years of writing for the magazine that did not get published!  Read more of the story and see more of the images in this blog entry.

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