The Remaining 5 Amador County Poppy Images

.... I tried several techniques including isolating individual flowers; shooting through flowers to make soft blurs; over exposing to create pastels and more.  It was a fun hour! Let me know which is your favorite.

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Sea Lion Spectacular!

This morning I got to hang out with a pair of sea lions, on the American River...I approached the river around 7:30 this morning and was headed to an area west and down river of my usual spot when I heard the barking of sea lions coming from just up river...

I spotted the sea lions in the main channel, they were working their way down stream and I followed...Since the river is high, the current is strong, and it was difficult to try and stay a safe distance from the sea lions without getting carried down river and towards them.  It required a lot of back paddling and making small circles to double back.  It was really hard to photograph under these conditions...Read more and see all the pictures.

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The Grand Scene

Today I thought I would share four views of what the landscape of wildflowers looked like...I was photographing using small apertures to insure I had enough depth of field in the pictures. Since the aperture was so small and the ISO was set to 100, I was using shutter speeds in the range of 1/10 to 1/60 sec., which meant my camera needed to steady. I made these images mounting my camera on...

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Erodium botrys, Amador County, California

When I photograph wildflowers, I am not usually trying to make a literal recording of the plant, but a more artistic interpretation of spring and the feeling of being among the flowers. In this image I like...

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Picture of the Day 4/11/18

It gets difficult to isolate a single flower amongst a field of flowers. It required lots of looking and maneuvering on the narrow ledge I was perched on. ...

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Trying to beat my best

Sometime in the early 1980’s I made my all time favorite flower image...This picture has been used for posters, calendars, books and cards...Ever since that time, I have tried to capture flower pictures in that same style, using selective focus to create an impression of spring. I have never made another flower picture that I have liked as much, but at least I still have fun trying. Read the whole story and see the images in the blog.

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Turtle Time!

The river was really flowing today, about 23,000 cfs, which is 10 times more water than 2 weeks ago. That also means the water is about 8 feet deeper than normal, and many areas what were land 2 weeks ago are now under water...My friend Paul Sayegh didn’t want me paddling alone on the river when it was that high, so he decided to come too. I am not sure if that means he is a good friend or just as crazy as me.

Turtles were the one species that was abundant today. We must have seen at least 50 different turtles sunning them selves. Unfortunately, the majority of turtles in the river are not native to our area.  The Red-eared Slider, the turtles you may have had as a kid, are the most common.  Many people have released their “pet” turtles over the years and now there are thousands of them in the river. We saw many of them today, along with one new non-native species that I have never noticed before, the Pond Slider. And we did manage to see two different individuals of the local turtle, the Western Pond Turtle.  Read the whole story and see more pictures.

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Out of Focus or Not?

...I took a closer look at 2 images that I thought were out of focus, trying to determine what went wrong. Once I enlarged the images I discovered they were not out of focus but that the fog cloud had shifted and the sun projected the shadow of the tree onto the fog. If you notice the tree behind the shadow is in good focus...

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High Water Day

Whenever the river is running high it is more difficult to find and photograph wildlife. Part of the reason is areas that were shallow and good fishing areas for wading birds are now deep under water. This weekend was one such a time.

When this happens I try and go to areas out of the main channels of the river, more into back bays and lagoons. But even these areas are about 5 feet deeper than normal and a lot of the wildlife gets displaced. One of the species that seems to do better under these conditions is beaver...Read more and see more images below.

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Where's Waldo?

Some days when I am out on the river it is real easy to spot the wildlife and others it is not so easy. Today was a mix of both. But this one particular female Black-crowned Night Heron was especially difficult. Read the blog to find out more.

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