Creating water movement (video included)

Last week, I showed you how I created streaming clouds from a series of 40 images taken 5 seconds apart and then merged in Photoshop with Blend Modes. Today I am sharing the same technique with moving water and a few extra tweaks.  In the cloud image I set my interval timer to take a picture every 5 sec for 40 frames. This time I took the exposures manually, while watching the waves...

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Snow Leopard


I have never been fortunate to see a snow leopard in the wild, and probably never will. I wish that weren’t the case. Knowing people will try and keep them from going extinct, and getting to see one up close, is a good consolation prize.

Here are a few snow leopard images from the Wildlife Model Workshop...

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Combining images for streaking cloud effect

...Later in the day I took a hike to a point I had never been to before. When I left the car there were no clouds, so I left my filter behind and just took a camera and tripod.

After spending some time at the point clouds formed and I wished I had carried my filter. I thought about it for a while and decided to take 40 images at 8 sec intervals, with the thought of combining them later. Here is the result...

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Babies Galore!

The best part about going to Triple D Game Farm in June is the baby animals...This year my group photographed baby fox, coyotes, lynx, and wolves as a group and several members did optional sessions with baby porcupine, and river otters.

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Coyotes and my equipment

...Photographing wildlife at the game farm allows you to fine tune some of your photographic skills. I was concentrating on using fill flash to add a catch light in the animal’s eyes and to bring out a few more details in their fur.  I have found from past experience that when using fill flash on animals the flash needs to be extended at least a foot above the camera to prevent the equivalent of red eye in the animals. In order to do this my camera/flash setup was rather interesting...

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Days 3 and 4 WIldlife Model Workshop

Here are a few from days 3 and 4 of the Wildlife Model Workshop.  Think about joining me for next year’s workshop!


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Day 2 Wildlife Model Workshop

Here are a few from the second day of the Wildlife Model Workshop.

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Day 1 - Wildlife Model Workshop

I just have time to post a few images from Day 1 on my WIldlife Model Workshop

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Further editing

I always like to put a few days or a week between the time I photograph and the time I final edit my images.  This gives me time to separate the experience from the images.  Sometimes I find images that I totally over looked in the early edits that are good, and other times I find images that I thought were good in the early edits, really aren’t so good, now that I have that time separation. Also getting to view the images on a big color calibrated monitor versus the small laptop can help find flaws in images that I did not notice at first.

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Bluebird Surprise!

I was surprised when I returned from Monterey to find the bluebirds were still in the box, I had expected them to have fledged. I spent about two hours photographing them on Saturday and I decided that would be my last day, as to make sure I did not interfere with their fledging...I wanted to try out my new flash and all the accessories, with the full height extension that I will be using in Montana during the wildlife model workshop...I was impressed how well the Vacu-pod held all the weight...

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