Reptilian Friends

This morning I saw a 12 foot alligator, and although none of the pictures I took were all that dramatic, it inspired me to share some other reptile images I have made here in Florida this year.

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Night Photography Photo Class Part 2

... Everywhere we stopped we drew a crowd of people asking what we were doing or who we were waiting for to photograph.  Of course, due to our location, we told them we were either photographing or waiting for the president...

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Night Photography Photo Class Part 1

I am teaching my final workshop of the season for Palm Beach Photographic Centre, this one on night photography.  Last night we went to an area that new to me, Pine Glades Natural Area in Jupiter, Florida.  When we arrived at the parking lot it looked like it was going to be one of those amazing sunsets, so we rushed off to a location overlooking a small lake, facing west...

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Right Place, Right Time

A lot of photography is luck. Lucky to be at a location when the weather and light cooperates, lucky to find the wildlife you seek, lucky to meet the person with the right look.

When I first spotted this Great Blue Heron it was wandering an area of mixed sunlight and shadow and I was watching and waiting for the bird to get to a place with an Edge of Light...

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Picture of the Day - Good things happen when you least expect it

...Just before the exit is an area of water that is in deep shade as the sun is going down. We were walking past that area when I noticed a solitary Great Blue Heron standing thin the inky dark water. Even though there was no direct light to this area, the bird appeared much lighter than the black water...

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Visualizng the Edge of Light

An “edge of light” is where sunlight meets shadow....Being able to “see” that ahead of time is what Ansel Adams called “pre visualization” even though the term is redundant. In any case being able to visualize the results before you snap the shutter is one of the most important skills a photographer can develop.

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Into the Eye of the Sun

When I photograph birds I am always looking for lighting conditions and situations that will make the images a little more interesting and dramatic.  I am always looking for backlight, sidelight and edge of light situations.  Read the blog to get some tips and techniques for making better silhouette images.

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26 Feb

A Fight to Remember!

...We walked about 40 yards up the road passing cars just left in the roadway, cars off to the side of the road, it looked like something out of a disaster film. And then we came upon a crowd of about 100- 150 people all standing on one side of the road, while just across the roadway these two moose were going head to head in a display of dominance...There must have 7 rows of people ahead of me and there was no way to fight my way through the crowd to take pictures.  I kept moving left and right looking for any opening to slip into but none were to be found. 

To read the whole story and see more images read this blog entry.

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Not Ready For Prime Time

In December of 2002 I borrowed a Canon D60, (not 60D) a 6.3 MP camera, and went to Triple D Game Farm to photograph for an article for PC Photo on the digital workflow. This was pre Adobe Camera Raw, pre Lightroom. The only software available was the Canon software at the time. (Pre Digital Photo Professional) It was painfully slow and clunky.

 I wrote my article how the camera was good but the whole digital workflow was a pain in the ass. And if you wanted to take pictures in any volume then you would need days just to process your images. I suggested to keep shooting film and scan your slides until the software and the workflow would make it efficient enough to begin to shoot with a digital camera. It was the only column in my 10 years of writing for the magazine that did not get published!  Read more of the story and see more of the images in this blog entry.

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Happy Birthday Ansel!

Ansel was a big influence on my life. I remember seeing my first Ansel Adams image, Mt. Williamson, Sierra Nevada, from Manzanar, California while I was a senior in high school, and I knew at that moment I wanted to leave the east coast and head west where there were vistas like that. Six years later, after receiving my degree in Fine Art Photography from the George Washington University (where we studied Ansel’s Zone System), I headed west ...

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